As a Recommended for Google Apps for Work Partner, we’ve had the opportunity to be among the first group of companies to access Google’s new Slides API. The new integration that was demoed for the first time this week at Google I/O will allow our users the ability to easily merge customer data from ProsperWorks CRM into Google Slides, which will make creating dynamic presentations a breeze. Learn more about the integration in Google’s blogpost here.For sales teams using Google Apps for Work to power their business, spending time creating a new unique Google Slides deck for each new sales presentation will be a thing of the past.

With our Google Slides API integration, you will be able to tag templated slides with fields from ProsperWorks and automatically pull the associated customer data from within the CRM into each new presentation. No more painstaking copy and pasting to build out the dozens of custom presentations you need every week!

In a few short months, you’ll be able to take advantage of ProsperWorks’ Google Slides integration once the API launches to the public. In the interim, if you really want to wow the crowd, you can try these Google Slides tips and tricks offered directly from Google.

We are honored to debut our integration at Google I/O – what better stage to talk about how businesses can leverage the power of Google Apps for Work combined with ProsperWorks to efficiently drive results!

Stay tuned for more news and updates from our team during Google I/O 2016.